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Green Olive Tapenade

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This green olive tapenade is made in Andalucia and has a rich and complex flavour due to its ingredients. The anchovies melted into the dish and added a nice flavour without making the tapenade very overwhelming.

Size 120g


Green olives (73%), extra virgin olive oil, capers, ANCHOVIES (fish), lemon juice, garlic, pectin, pepper, and thyme. 


  • As a topping on toast, crusty bread, or crudites.
  •  Topping on pasta and even pizza.
  •  As a dressing for  salads (spruce up your salads and entrees)
  • Condiment on boiled potatoes, rice, or steamed vegetables
  • Sandwiches fillings
  • As part of an appetizer 
  • In preparing fish dishes.