Tapenade is an olive-based french dish, the original recipe was made from black olives, anchovies, lemon, extra virgin olive oil and capers.  Its name comes from the french word "tapenas" or capers which is one of the ingredients of this spread. Currently, we can find tapenade in the market in different versions, using different ingredients but having olives, either green or black, as a common denominator, there are also vegan options without anchovies.

Each country or geographical area that produces olives has been modifying the original recipe, eliminating some ingredients and adding others typical of its area, thus achieving an incredible offer of olive tapenade or olive pate.

We offer:

  1. Tapenade of black olives.
  2. Tapenade of green olives.

Tapenade can be used:

  • As a topping on toast, crusty bread or crudites.
  •  Topping on pasta and even pizza.
  •  As a dressing for  salads (spruce up your salads and entrees)
  • Condiment on boiled potatoes, rice or steamed vegetables
  • Sandwiches fillings
  • As part of an appetizer 
  • In preparing fish dishes.

 Olives are especially rich in monounsaturated fatty acids and are parts of the Mediterranean Diet.

Our offer of tapenade is totally natural products without preservatives or additives.