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Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Spain, with more than 260 different olive varieties, is the biggest producer country of oil from olives (extra virgin olive oil or evoo). Every harvest its production is nearly 45% of worldwide production. Spain not only produces big quantities, but it also produces some of the best extra virgin olive oil according to the different international competitions. We promote and sell extra virgin olive oil straight from producers. We select carefully oils made from different varieties to be able to offer oils with different tasting notes. From the sweet Arbequina originally from Arbeca (Cataluña) to the peppery Hojiblanca from Malaga going through the robust Cornicabra from Castilla La Mancha or Alfafarenca from Valencia region. All of them have distinctive tasting notes that won't let you down. We have oils to suit all tasting palates.

Would you like to discover which one is your favourite olive variety?

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We have classified the oils on our website according to their intensity, from light (arbequina), medium intense (picudo, picual) to high intense or robust (hojiblanca or cornicabra olive variety)

The tasting notes that we can find in the EVOO can be fruits (apple, banana, avocado) herbs (fennel, mint), green leaves (fig leaves, olive leave), nuts (almond, walnut), green grass, or vegetables.