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Piquillo Peppers
Piquillo Peppers
Piquillo Peppers

Piquillo Peppers

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The piquillo pepper variety is originally from the southwest of Navarra, it is cultivated in Lodosa. 

Its name is derived from the Spanish for "little beak" and It's known as the red gold of Navarra for its bright red colour. Its cultivation process is very careful and in the end, the piquillo pepper is peeled one by one without immersing them in water or chemical solutions, in this way all its natural characteristics are maintained. Its size is small (8-10cm), its flat and triangular shape with a characteristic slightly curved tip. The average weight of the fruit is 35-50gr and its meat is fine, compact and has an exquisite and delicate flavour. To ensure that you buy the best quality, you must ensure that the container contains: the logo of the denomination, a numbered counter label provided by the Regulatory Council and a label with the name of the product: “Lodosa”

As for the health benefits, the pepper is a good source of carotenes, pigments with antioxidant properties that provide the characteristic red colour. It also highlights its content of provitamin A (Beta carotene and cryptoxanthin) that the body transforms into vitamin A as needed, folates and vitamin E.

They are wooden roasted and presented in brine ready to enjoy as a main dish or accompaniment.

There are many recipes to use them, one of the most popular ways to eat them is stuffed with cheese, fish (usually cod) or seafood (shrimp) covered in a béchamel sauce and gratin in the oven. As an accompaniment, it can be added in salads with chickpeas, in toasts with cheese, tuna, among others. Let your imagination run wild and enhance the flavour of your dishes by putting a note of colour with this exquisite delicacy. If you want to know more about this product or recipes you can check here.

 We offer this product in two different options:

Whole pepper is the best option to fill them with different ingredients.

Peppers in strips to add to different dishes.