La Cultivada organic extra virgin olive oil

La Cultivada organic extra virgin olive oil

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Origin: Cordoba

Olive variety: hojiblanca

Intensity: medium to high.

An elegant oil of medium-high fruitiness presenting primary green notes, notably olive leaf and vegetables such as tomato vine, artichoke, and green pepper, along with subtly camphorous secondary aromas of aromatic herbs as well as hints of citrus.

On the palate, it is at first sweet and almondy, immediately followed by the reappearance of the green notes. It is full-bodied, with medium-low bitterness and a lingering, spicy finish. Also making themselves present in the aftertaste are green almonds and olive leaf.

Most definitely an extra virgin olive oil with character.


-It will enhance rice and pasta dishes, and bring a touch of freshness to ajo blanco and gazpacho.

– In-season oven-baked vegetables such as courgette, fennel and broccoli.
– Oily fish such as tuna and mackerel, garnished with yellow bell peppers and spring onions.
– Wheat, spelt or buckwheat pasta.
– An avocado and artichoke salad.
– Andalusian salmorejo (a traditional chilled soup).
– Cream of spinach, Swiss chard or broccoli soups.
– Veal or beef carpaccio and steak tatare.
– Bulgur wheat tabbouleh or quinoa salad.
– Seafood risotto.
– Tuna and salmon sashimi or sushi.