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In Spain we grow different varieties, pardina is one of the most popular ones.  They are small in size with a characteristic greenish-brown colour. Their skin is smooth and their texture is consistent, holding their shape very well after cooking. They have a light nutty flavour, slightly earthy with a peppery finish. However, it is their exquisite flavour that really makes Pardina lentils stand out from any other lentil varieties.

We offer dried lentils in 2 different formats:

  • Dried pardina lentils in 1k cotton sack from Castilla. For best results, soak your Pardina lentils in cold water overnight.
  • Cooked in a jar. (570g) Ingredients: lentils, water, salt, and antioxidants (ascorbic acid and E-385). May contain traces of wheat (gluten). 

Lentils are fantastic in soups and stews or served cold in salads. Use in any Spanish lentil stews, like lentils with chorizo. This lentil is guaranteed to give you a great result every time.