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Arbequina olive variety

Hello everyone and EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) lovers! Like you all may know by now our shop "Olives and more" is dedicated to the Spanish Olive. In Spain there’s more than 260 varieties of olives in which we use as a tapa or to produce a natural juice or oil. Today we would like to introduce a member of our olive variety family, one to be the smallest due to its size but the most desired for its aroma and taste. Originally from a town called Arbeca where the name is taken from, its cultivation has been extended to other areas of Spain and the world. The oils produced has a fruity aroma such as a ripe banana and...

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Olives and much more

Our shop opened its doors on 13 December 2019. A few months later and despite the difficult times we can assure that this is the best place we could have chosen. So many years of working in the markets and gaining my knowledge about the advantages the Olive Oil Diet has I finally decided to open a little place of mine.  I am glad to welcome you all to my small business and you're welcome to pop in. For those who live far or aren't able to make it then this website is perfect for you to try authentic Spanish products so you don't have to miss out. The Pandemic has been a tough time for us all but my aim...

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