The Healthiest Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Sometimes in the shop we have clients that ask for the healthiest extra virgin olive oil.

We always respond that all of them are very healthy as they are just the juice from olives, full of antioxidants and polyphenols. Going into more detail in terms of the amount of antioxidants and polyphenols, it has been said that the Spanish olive varieties picual and cornicabra are the ones with higher levels of antioxidants and poliphenols.

Picual olive variety is originally from Jaen, the paradise of olive trees, as there are more than 60 millions of them. Picual variety receives its name because of the nipple at the end of it. Its characteristic tasting notes are notes of green grass and tomato plant, fennel and mint.  We have a few different oils produced with this olive variety: Pago del  Espejo from Jaen, Omed from Granada.

Cornicabra olive variety is originally from Castilla La Mancha and receives its name because of its shape which is like a goat horn.

We stock in our shop cornicabra olive variety from different producers. The first one is from Casas de Hualdo, an outstanding oil that has won several times the best cornicabra extra virgin olive oil from the PDO Montes de Toledo. The second is Cortijo el Puerto, an oil in a beautiful white bottle. The 3rd and last cornicabra from our offer is Finca la Torre from Malaga. This is a biodynamic extra virgin olive oil that we have available in the 250ml presentation.

We also have in stock the extra virgin olive oil Cortijo de Suerte that has been awarded at the end of last year as the healthiest extra virgin olive oil by the Spanish competition “Health and Flavour Awards” organised from the University of Jaen.  This extra virgin olive oil is a natural blend of picual, picudo and hojiblanca varieties. We offer it in a 250ml or a 500ml presentation.

Have you tried any of them? What do you think? Would you like to try any? That is pretty easy, visit us in Forest Hill  (please check our opening hours) or choose straight from our website and we will send to you.

Hasta pronto!

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